30 oct. 2017

#7 Hermes Vs Crixus (english) [MUNERA]

I reiterate my apologies for the stop with the posts. It's been a very hard week at work ... :(

Here we go!

The most anticipated bout of the day is about to begin!

Hermes pounces on crixus, who throws sand at his face with his foot. Hermes has to cover himself with the shield and his attack fails. The public booed Crixus.

With rage because of Crixus's dirty trick, Hermes tries a special move to lacerate the murmillo. Crixus blocks the attack with the shield, but is pushed back. The audience applauds Hermes' ability.

Crixus recovers the initiative and advances to attack Hermes, but the thraex keeps the distance waiting for an opportunity of attack.

Hermes advances and makes an oblique attack, trying to reach the clavicle of his adversary. But Crixus nullifies the attack with a spectacular blockade that puts the public on foot!

Hermes attacks again, but Crixus retreats.

Hermes attacks Crixus, who dodges the attack but is pushed and must yield ground.

Crixus rush against Hermes, but he steps aside and trips her.

Crixus ends up on the floor.

The Thracian attacks Crixus but, even from the ground, he manages to defend and roll away.

Hermes relaxes the pressure on Crixus and allows him to get up. Crixus attacks Hermes and tries to destabilize him with a kick, but the Thracian is faster and causes him a cut with his sica.

The audience applauds Hermes's attack and he, emboldened, makes a powerful blow against the murmillo... but the veteran and reflexes of Crixus allow him to cut the thraex in the arm with his gladius. The public enthusiastically applauds the new bloodshed.

None of the gladiators is willing to give in and both attack again. The shock is fierce and Crixus ends on the floor again...

But even in this position, the veteran gladiator is able to block the attacks of the thraex.

Crixus tries to get up but Hermes knocks him down again and manages to cut him again with his sica.

The fight goes on and it seems that the youth of Hermes is being imposed on the veterany of Crixus, who seems that his strength i failing. A new shock and Crixus is knocked down once again.

But Hermes also begins to be affected by tiredness and is not able to seize the opportunity. Crixus gets to his feet.

New clash of shields and swords. Both gladiators show obvious signs of fatigue. Hermes manages to cut Crixus's thigh.

The gladiators make several blows without causing damage, their arms begin to suffer the effects of the prolonged combat. But the crowd applauds the effort of the fighters.

Taking strength from where there are none, Crixus rush on Hermes and the strong clash throws the thraex to the ground ...

... from where it tries a blow on the legs of the murmillo, but Crixus manages to block it.

Hermes incorporates, and Crixux takes the oportunity to make a cut on thraex´s arm.

Gathering his last forces, Hermes attacks on Crixus catching him off guard. The murmillo falls back and covers with the shield, but the Thracian strikes him with all his body and Crixus ends up on the ground.

Hermes can barely stand. With his last energies, he lets himself down on the exhausted murmillo, striking his abdomen with his parmula, and leaving Crixus without air.

Crixus is lying in the sand, unable to move. Hermes crawls over Crixus's body and places his sica in the throat of the murmillo. The referees stop the match and declare Hermes as winner. The audience explodes in an ovation like never before, chanting the name of Hermes, but also the one of Crixus.

The ovation lasts several minutes and in that time the gladiators manage to catch their breath. Crixus drops his weapon, kneels next to Hermes and raises his hand to request ... death? In a last act of courage (or perhaps an studied action) Crixus does not ask for forgiveness, but death, and this gesture unleashes the madness in the stands, where only a single and thundering voice is heard ... MISSUS!

The results of the bets after this intense fight:

Nos vemos!

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  1. Very tense bout! Thanks for posting all these, I've enjoyed reading them. Looking forward to round eight!