27 abr. 2010

Impetus Army Calculator (How to use)

Some info about the use of Impetus Army Calculator.

This is the look of the sheet:

As it is protected, the only cells you can modify are those colored in light blue:
  • A - Number of units
  • B - Destiny points
  • C - Army CS (if there is more than one option)
  • D - General type
  • E - General´s unit
It also offers information as:
  • 1 - Unit caracteristics
  • 2 - Total army points and VD
  • 3 - Each command points and VD
  • On the top-left corner, it specifies if the army an oficial or BETA list.
Commands & Units
Each column represents one command. Thus, if you want one Heavy Chariot unit in your second command, you have to type "1" in the second column.

In some cases you may have several options for the same kind of unit. As in the image above, you can choose between elephants with or without escorts. Make sure you type the number on the correct row!

Large units have different point values for front and rear units. You have to write the total number of front units and the total number of rear units. For example, if you want two large phalangite units (two units each) in command #3 and one large phalangite unit (three units) in command #4, you have to type this:

Commanders, CS & Destiny Points
In this case, instead of typing the number or class, you have to choose from a drop-down list options.
You need one commander for each command so make sure you satisfy this condition. Consider the commander of Command #1 as the CiC. Choose first the commander class and then specify in wich kind of unit it´s included.

In some cases, the unit VD could be raised from 2 to 3 if a commander is included on it. So, it´s important to specify if the commander it´s included in a cavalry (VD=3) or an infantry (VD=2) unit.

While you are choosing units and commanders, the program will shown you this:

As indicated, this is the info about army points and VD. First you can see the whole army VD and points (army CS and Destiny points included), then you have the VD and points command by command.

VD has two numbers, black and red. Black number is the total VD for the army/command and red number is the VD your enemy must reach in order to disband your army/command.

I think that´s all. I hope you find this aplication usefull and, please, ask me any question you have about it.

Nos vemos!

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  1. Buenas tardes, Hetairoi.

    Usando su estupendo generador de ejércitos Impetus, he transcrito una lista de Aztecas de las listas beta de Impetus. Habrá que pulir un poco el motor de cálculo, porque mis conocimientos de Excel no llegan para la sofisticación del cálculo de los dados de Destino ni para contabilizar el CS Average o Poor. Pero imagino que no debe ser complicado. Y si me dice como se hace, la próxima lista estará más pulida.

    Si quiere que se la mande, envíeme un mail. Lógicamente, la lista está desprotegida.

    Estoy tratando de elaborar una de conquistadores. Si existe alguna, toda información será bienvenida.

    Un cordial saludo,
    François (mouktrad@gmail.com)