22 sept. 2017

Murmillo (third model) [Gladiators]

Esta sencilla conversión es mi tercer modelo de murmillo.
This simple conversion is my third murmillo model.

Y una foto junto a la figura original.
And a picture next to the original model.

Y me alegra informar que todo está listo para que empiecen los juegos! Estad atentos a la próxima entrada.

And I´m glad to saye that everithing is ready to begin the games! Stay tuned to next post.

2 comentarios:

  1. Excellent looking gladiatores! I think Crusader makes the finest set of figures for this - although I wish some of the poses were a bit more animated. That said, they are truly well-proportioned and accurately depicted (IMO). Looking forward to seeing more of them. BTW, I used a set of rules by Arena Games called Gladitorial Combat in the past. I found they worked great for multiplayer games at a convention (i.e. easy to pick up and still enjoyable for all).

    1. Thank you Dean! I agree with you... though not perfect, Crusader gladiators are the most accurate, IMO.

      I dont know that game, must investigate it... I´ll use Blood, Sweat & Cheers for the games. It has been a great discovery for me.