29 sept 2017

Edicta muneris, Day 1 [MUNERA]

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This is the edicta muneris (combat program) for the first day of games. As some types of gladiators are not present on BSC, I´ve had to make some modifications. Any change on the rules will be explained in the combat description.

Next to gladiator´s name, there are some laurel wreaths that represent the amount of victories the gladiator has achieved on his career. Veteran gladiators (four or more victories) will have some advantages... take it into account!

Hilarinus fights against a bear

For this combat, Hilarinus will use VELES card and rules, and the bear will use CUPRELLARIUS card (but with Defense reduced to 4)


Mamertinus hunting tigers

This venatio will be different cause I will use Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten (from the same author, Nic Wright) instead of BSC. Mamertinus will be a hunter armed with spear and the tigers will "count as" pack predators.

Mamertinus needs to kill both tigers in 8 turns or less. This way, in order to bet, the possible outcomes of this venatio are: "Mamertinus dies", "Mamertinus kills both tigers" and "Mamertinus doesn't kill all the tigers (but survives)".


Maternus against Habilis

An eques will use HOPLOMACHUS card, but with a Defense value of 2. Also the special GLORY+GLORY attack can only be used while mounted.

An eques will fall from the horse if he is Knocked Down. He will also fall if wounded and he rolls a result equal to or less than his actual number of wounds on a D6.

If an eques is dismounted, he is in a serious disadvantage against his oponent. The referees will stop the combat and resume it with both equites dismounted.


Amandus faces Simplex

There are no special rules in this fight.


Actius confronts Germanus

The laquearius will use RETIARIUS card and rules.

Actius is a veteran gladiator. His Attack attribute is increased by +1.


Ingenuus fights Satur

The scissor will use DIMACHAERUS card and rules, but with a Defense attribute of 5.


Hermes will fight Crixus

Crixus is a veteran gladiator. His Defense attribute is increased by +1.


Flamma and Astivus confront Scorpus

In this special type of combat the retiarius defends a pons (bridge). As he has a great advantage, he will fight two secutores at once. The special rules for this scenario are:
  • If both secutores attack the retiarius at the same time, he will surrender.
  • The combat will also be over if one secutor takes the top of the pons
  • If the retiarius is in a higher position than the secutor, he will add +2 to all his attributes.
  • If the difference between attack scores is 0, the gladiator on the high groud will push his oponent.
  • The retiarius can throw rocks to his oponents, using the GLORY special attack from SAGITTARIUS card instead of his hability.
  • If a gladiator is Knocked Down, he will fall to the base of the pons.
  • The pons is equal to 5 zones.
Also, Flamma is a veteran gladiator. His Defense attribute is increased by +1.


Ok, I hope this can help you to plan your bets, though the real edicta muneris never included information about the participants on the fights (or at least, no one has been founded).

And finally, click HERE in order to access the staking form for day 1. The deadline to send your bets is october 6th. Reports will comence on october 9th.

Good luck in the games!

3 comentarios:

  1. Bets are on! Who will live? Who will die? Good luck to everybody!

  2. My money has been placed on who I think will win. I bet the bear and the tigers will have fun!!!

  3. My bets are placed. I'm sure there will be some happy tigers at the end of this. :)