7 oct. 2015

Jason and the Argonauts

Y una vez más... un nuevo proyecto!
He conseguido agenciarme una figuras de Wargames Foundry de Jasón y los Argonautas. De momento no planeo usarlas para ningún juego (quizás Of Gods and Mortals), es simplemente por el puro placer de pintarlas.
And once again ... a new project!
I managed agenciarme one Wargames Foundry figures of Jason and the Argonauts. At the moment I do not plan to use them for any game (perhaps Of Gods and Mortals) it´s just for the pleasure of painting them.

Las figuras son preciosas, aunque tienen algunas líneas de molde y fallos que va a costar trabajo arreglar...
The figures are beautiful, although they have some mold and fault lines that will be hard to fix...

Nos vemos!

6 comentarios:

  1. Bueno, aunque tenga fallos, si alguien puede arreglarlos, ése eres tú.

    Además, ¡viene una hidra! ¡Qué más dan esos fallos si viene una hidra!

    1. Justa es la hidra la que más fallos tiene...pero nada que no se pueda arreglar con masilla!

  2. Very stylised figures, yet one of my favourite ranges at Wargames Foundry. By now I should've collected and actually painted the whole lot (which is quite an achievement for me!). So, glad to see them appearing here.
    Since you're just painting them, I won't go into recommendations of rulesets – although OGAM might not be my first choice for actions based on Greek mythology. ;-)


    1. Any advice will be welcome, sire! ;-)

    2. Well, you called for it! ;-)
      GW's Lord of the Rings worked surprisingly well for our Argonautika participation game. "Fate points" and low fantasy magic add a lot of mythological atmosphere, and it's super easy to cobble together profiles for any kind of hero or monster imaginable. Also, LotR is a very slick ruleset as such.
      More specifically I'd recommend "Labours of the Gods" by Two Hour Wargames, suited to solo-play as well. Or, if you rather want glossy, Harryhausen-style action, try "7th Voyage" by Crooked Dice. Of course, there's much more (like the ubiquitous Songs of Blades and Heroes), but these three are my personal favourites.

    3. LOTR is a sure bet... :-)
      I have LotG and don´t like it...but 7th Voyage could be interesting...

      Thank you Sire!