20 oct. 2015

Bronze Bull [Argonauts]

Los khalkotauroi eran dos toros de bronce que respiraban fuego, regalo de Hefesto al rey Aeëtes, y que Jasón tubo que uncir para arar un campo. Si lo conseguía, el rey Aeëtes le prometió el vellocino de oro.

The khalkotauroi were two bronze bulls that breath fire, a gift to king Aeëtes from Hephaestus, that Jason had to yoke and use them to plough a field. Jason is promised the golden fleece by King Aeetes if he can do it.

La figura, de Reaper Bones, ha sido una gozada de pintar. He disfrutado mucho con la iluminación de los metales.
It has been a pleasure to paint this Reaper Bones figure. I´ve enjoyed a lot highlighting the metals.

Nos vemos!

6 comentarios:

  1. Beautifully painted bronze bull. This is the second one I've seen recently. Very impressive sculpt and your brushwork brought it to life - so to speak.

    1. Thank you Dean!
      It looks like there is some kind of Greek-Myth hype around... :-)

  2. Lovely work. I've got this one unpainted as yet. Hope it looks half as good as this when I get around to painting it.

  3. Toros de bronce que respiran fuego. Leñe, lo que mola la mitología griega.

    Mola casi tanto como tus figuras ;)