29 oct. 2014

Lion Rampant (samurai version)

Tras hacerme con una copia de Lion Rampant y leérmelo detenidamente he decidido que voy a quitar el polvo a mis samuráis y reutilizarlos para este juego. Total, que voy a pintar algunas figuras más para ampliar el tamaño de las unidades (son de 8 y deberían ser de 12). Descartando las bases individuales, me planteo estas opciones:
After getting my copy of Lion Rampant and reading it carefully I´ve decided to clear of the old dust off my samurai and reuse them for this game. So, I'll paint some more figures to expand the size of the units (they have 8 and should be 12). I discard the individual bases, but I consider these options:

Ampliación / Extension
Mantener la base de impetus y añadir una peana extra con más figuras. Probablemente es el método que use con la caballería, porque si puedo evitarlo no quiero cambiar las bases con el río.
Keep the original Impetus base and add an extra base with more figures. It is probably the method I´ll use with the cavalry, because I do not want to change the bases with the river if possible.

Bases múltiples / Multiple bases
Colocar 2 o 3 figuras por peana (4x4 cm) da flexibilidad y me permite crear formaciones, pero me limita la distribución...
Placing 2 or 3 figures per base (4x4 cm) gives me flexibility and allows me to create formations, but it limits how can I made the distribution..

Cambiar la base / Change the base
Usar una base mas grande y recolocar todas las figuras. Aunque es lo que me lleva más trabajo, seguramente es lo que haga con las unidades de infantería.
Use a larger base and reposition all the figures. Although it's more work, it's probably what I´ll do with infantry units. 

Samurai unit example

Que os parece la idea?
What you think?

Nos vemos!


4 comentarios:

  1. Those are fantastic looking miniatures. Instead of rebasing them, just use them as they are and put a dice or tokens behind them to track hits.
    2d6 for units up to 12 and a single d6 for units up to 6.

  2. I wouldn't rebase them - unless your opponent has some serious issues with it. I think the rules work perfectly for Samurai skirmish actions. My samurai are based 3 per 40mm squares so will work fine for multiples of 6 or 12. Just use counters for casualties.

  3. I´m affraid I won´t change my mind... :-)

    Stay tunned for the first "new" unit!

  4. Hi,
    Just amazing pics and painted miniatures !
    Can you tell me why you don't use anymore Impetus for Lion rampant please ?
    Thanks !!!