30 jun. 2014

Paladin on pegasus [Fantasy 6mm]

Imágenes de la conversión de Paladín montado en pegaso ya pintado.
Pictures of the Paladin mounted on pegasus conversion once painted.

Me he atrevido con un diseño más complicado en la barda... no creo que lo vuelva a repetir.
I have ventured to do a more complicated design on the bard... I do not think I´ll repeat it again.

Las alas pintadas han quedado mejor de lo que me esperaba...
The wings,once painted, look better than I expected ...

Nos vemos!

4 comentarios:

  1. I think it looks really good, it all seems to be coming together.

    1. Just a couple of units more to finish the first phase! (1000 points)

  2. 6mm?! How in the world did you paint the checkers? Lovely work as always!

    1. With a brush... I use the same brush for all my figures whatever the scale. :-)