26 jun. 2014

Men at Arms [Fantasy 6mm]

Una unidad de hombres de armas. Al principio pensé en poner 24 figuras, pero al final he usado 20, que es el número de figuras que especifica KoW para un regimiento y un tamaño de unidad bastante frecuente para una unidad de infantería en WH5ª.
A unit of men at arms. At first I thought about using 24 figures, but in the end I've used 20, which is the number of figures that specifies KoW for a regiment and is a fairly common size for an infantry unit in WH5th.

Nos vemos!

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  1. Your work has been very inspiring, I have been on the fence about the next 6mm project after my Lizardmen but this has been pushing Bretonnian army steadily up the list.