21 feb. 2011

Color test

He hecho varias pruebas de color sobre el anfiteatro y creo que voy a optar por dos colores: "E" para las paredes y "C" para los asientos. ¿Qué opináis vosotros?

I´ve made some color tests with the amphitheatre and I think I´ll choose two colors: color "E" for the walls and "C" for the seats. ¿What do you think?

Nos vemos!

5 comentarios:

  1. They all look good earthy tones and I do like your selection. I intend to include a band of color to break up things on my arena wall.


  2. Hi Furt!
    I´ll try something similar, just waiting for inspiration.
    Hope to see some progress on your blog soon!

  3. I like your selection. However I think the D color is slightly better than C for the seats.

    I really like your amphitheatre. I hope to see more pics soon! :)

  4. Yo también me decantaría por esos dos colores. A ver que tal queda.