27 feb. 2015

Second infantry unit [The 13th Warrior]

Una nueva unidad de infantería wendol. Aunque, en realidad, mezclaré las figuras de ambas unidades.
Another wendol infantry unit. Though, actually, I will mix the figures of both units.

Solo me quedan cuatros wendols a caballo para terminar :-)
There is only four wendol horsemen left to finish :-)

Nos vemos!

4 comentarios:

  1. Wow - you really have a lot of figures for this scenario - just like the climatic battle scene from the movie. Makes me want to watch it again.

  2. Really cool minis, and awesome painting... It would be nice to see some battle report out of this project. I loved the movie, and you have captured the feeling just right. Great job..!

  3. Thank you chaps! I want to paint some more vikings and do a nice scenario with all the miniatures painted :-)

  4. Muy originales y que bien hechos estan. Me gusta muchísimo esta pelicula, y tus minis le capturan perfectamente el espiritu. Felicidades! Un saludo!