30 may. 2014

Murmillo conversion

En esta conversión he usado el cuerpo de un secutor (arriba a la derecha)
In this conversion I´ve used a secutor body (top rigth)

Con el casco de un murmillo (arriba a la derecha)
With a murmillo helmet (top right)

Además, he utilizado un escudo ovalado en lugar del rectangular.
Also, I´ve used an oval shield instead of the rectangular one.

Nos vemos!

3 comentarios:

  1. Hello dear friend!
    When you started your gladiators project, I was really inspired and began make my own ludus.

    I want to show you my progress.
    Games(THW RSBS):

    By the way, which rules do you still prefer?
    We played much and it seems we will need homerules for RSBS :(

    1. Hi Thorward!
      Nice pics, you give me some ideas... :-)

      I play RSBS, but don´t like it at all... It need some homerules, as you say... Any ideas?

    2. We will try to combine 1st and 2nd RSBS editions. Btw I asked THW, it seems they prepairing new edition RSBS soon.

      Other games?
      New Jugula is fantasy-fight 4x4 minimum, no solo games :(
      I have an idea to buy IronIvan's game but afraid a little.