23 abr. 2014

More trolls [10mm LOTR]

He pintado otros tres trolls, pero esta vez los he colocado en una base de 60x30mm, como el resto de unidades. Así puedo desplegarlos individualmente o como unidad pesada.
I´ve painted annother three trolls, but this time I have placed them on a 60x30mm base, as the other units. Now I can deploy them individually or as heavy unit.

Lo siento, las fotos no han salido muy bien. Me quedan otros tres... qué haré con ellos?
I´m sorry, pictures are not very good. I've got three more ... what should I do with them? 

Nos vemos!

7 comentarios:

  1. Would you be able to post a pic of them with 15mm figures to show how they look with them. I love the paint job. They look great. I am just thinking would the work for 15mm as I don't do 10mm fantasy.

    1. Ups, I forgot the link:

  2. Excellent work as always, I've never done 10mm, but these are impressive.

  3. Excellent work, they look great. Just make up another unit of them!


    1. But I have more trolls than orcs!...
      Ok, that´s not a problem really. :-))