17 oct. 2013

Lambda shuttle: disappointment

Decepción. Es lo que me he llevado al abrir la caja de la lanzadera lambda para X-Wing...
La lanzadera lambda ha sido un regalo de cumpleaños y, evidentemente, lo primero que he hecho ha sido sacar la nave para verla de cerca, pero al desplegar las alas me encuentro con esto:
Deception. It's what I've feel after opening the X-Wing lambda shuttle box...
 The lambda shuttle has been a birthday gift and, obviously, the first thing I did was take the ship to see it up close, but when I spread the wings I find this:

No consigo desplegar las alas más allá de esta posición y si intento forzarlo da la impresión de que algo se va a partir y la figura empieza a abrirse.
I can't unfold the wings beyond this position and if I try to force it gives the impression that something is going to break and figure begins to disassemble.

En fin, ya chequearé por los foros a ver qué comenta la gente al respecto. Sigamos revisando material... ups! Segundo problema: ¡La base está doblada!
Anyway, I´ll check some forums later to see what people said about it. Lets check more items... Ups! Second problem: the base is bent!

A estas alturas el mosqueo ya es considerable así que el resto del contenido no me ha hecho especial ilusión:
  • Libreto de reglas: sin novedades, salvo que la lanzadera puede declarar velocidad 0. El escenario no es muy interesante.
  • Pilotos: cuatro cartas de pilotos, tres con personajes con habilidades más bien sosas. La nave parece difícil de maniobrar.
  • Cartas de mejora: algunas cartas interesantes, como el rehén o el emisor de interferencias (pero no controlo mucho de combos, así que no me hagáis mucho caso).
By now the anger is already considerable and the rest of the box content has not made me special pleasure:
  • Rules: nothing new,  exceot that you can declare speed 0 with the shuttle. Scenario not very interesting.
  • Pilots: four pilot cards, including three characters with skills rather dull. The ship seems difficult to maneuver.
  • Upgrades: some interesting cards, as "Rebel Captive" or "Sensor Jammer" (but I'm not an expert on this, so don't not pay too much attention).

Después de buscar soluciones y ver comentarios acerca del problema de las alas encontré una "solución" bastante sencilla en BoardGameGeek. Este es el aspecto que tiene ahora la nave con las alas desplegadas. Aún así, me sigue dando la impresión de que es un fallo de diseño.
After searching for solutions and reading comments about the wings problem I´ve found a quite simple "solution" at BoardGameGeek. This is how it looks like now the shuttle with the wings unfolded. Yet, it still gives me the impression that it is a design flaw.

Me he puesto en contacto con FFG para ver qué solución me dan al problema de la base. Estoy a la espera de respuesta, ya os comentaré. Para terminar, os dejo una foto comparativa de mis dos naves grandes.
I have contacted with FFG to see what solution I can get for the problem with the base. I am waiting for response, and I will comment once I get it. In closing, I leave you a photo comparison of my two large ships.


FFG ha respondido / FFG has answered:

Game Title: Star Wars: X-Wing: Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack
Component type: Plastic Base
Details: The base is bent, so the model is unstable and cardboard does not fit well.
Status for this item: Shipped
Status details: We are more than happy to help you with your request and will send the requested replacement at no cost to you.

Nos vemos!

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  1. Pues una pena, porque se supone además que éste debe ser un producto estrella de la casa...

    1. Sobre todo porque para el precio que cuesta se le presupone un cierto control de calidad... Si fuese que yo he sido el único pues mala suerte, pero es que le ha pasado a mucha gente.

  2. No eres el único..... es una lástima, yo todos los amigos y conocidos que la han comprado les ha venido así. Por ej: http://macellumeventus.blogspot.com.es/2013/10/x-wing-b-wing-y-lanzadera-lambda.html

    De todas maneras, nada que no se pueda arreglar!! ;)

    1. Muy triste...
      Por cierto, mola ese blog, me lo apunto!

  3. Alas, I can only respond in English. On a few points:

    1.) Your final picture of the shuttle has the wings at full deployment for the craft. Compare to the box art and movie stills. Yes, the model design makes reaching that position feel as if the model will break, but gentle pressure does work.

    2.) The Lambda shuttle is meant to be a "support and command" craft, not a fighting ship like the Falcon (YT-1300) or the Slave 1 (Firespray-31). So the pilot skills and upgrades are geared towards offering advantages to other ships in the squadron. I paired the ship two TIE-Bombers, using the pilot who can assign his target locks to nearby craft, and upgraded with the Weapons Engineer (who can target lock two different targets). The shuttle can then create target locks and hand them off, allowing the TIE-Bombers to choose other actions while being able to fire their torpedoes and missiles nearly every turn.

    The HWK-290 ("Moldy Crow"), which is also in this wave, offers a similar suite of support options to the Rebel forces. It too is a lousy flyer, and no great shakes as an offensive platform, but the "hand-off" abilities it gives to allied craft can be significant. Take Roark Garrett, who can cause any nearby friendly craft to have a combat pilot value of 12— meaning you can buy a rookie B-Wing or X-Wing, have them hang close to Roark, and always get to shoot before any Empire pilot ... including Darth Vader. (And you thought only Han shot first...)

    1. My disappointment is because I bought a product (not a cheap one) in which I found two bugs: a base in disrepair and wings unfold not working properly. Yes, in the end I managed to unfold them, but if I had not read in a forum that you have to put pressure on a particular point, it is likely that the wings had already broken.

      The rules and characteristics have not disappointed me (maybe I expressed myself badly). Of course, all your tips are appreciated! ;-)