3 dic. 2012

WM Wight Lord

Personaje tumulario que hará el papel de héroe. Aunque se supone que los héroes de la lista son vampiros, esta figura de tumulario es demasiado bonita para dejarla pasar.


Wight character that will be played as hero. Although it is assumed that the heroes of the list are vampires, this Wight figure is too pretty to pass up.

ARMY PROGRESS: 385 points
Characters: 2 (230 points)
Units: 4 (155 points)

Nos vemos!

2 comentarios:

  1. Your Warmaster VC stuff looks great! I used wights as some of my heroes too when I had my WM armies.

    Great idea for the bats too. I used the bat swarms that were released with the Battle of Five Armies game.


  2. Thanks!
    I´d like to see a picture of those bats... :-)