20 mar. 2011

Back to work - Spectators

Algunas conversiones de espectadores para el anfiteatro. Son piezas de hoplitas de Inmortal y numidas (la mayoría) de Wargames Factory. He hecho unas pequeñas conversiones con masilla Feroca, pero el problema es que hay muy pocos modelos de cabezas. Las dos figuras de metal son espectadores de Crusader.
Some spectators conversions for the amphitheatre. I´ve used Inmortal hoplites and Wargames Factory (most of them) components. I´ve made some small conversions using Feroca putty, but the lack of head types it´s a problem. The two metal models are Crusader´s spectators.

Y estas son las figuras que usaré para el palco del editor/magistrado. De izquierda a derecha:
Sirviente, estatua de Escipion, sirviente, la mujer del magistrado, el magistrado, lanista y editor.
And these are the models I´ll use for the editor´s or magistrate´s box. From left to right:
Servant, Scipio statue, servant, magistrate´s wife, the magistrate, lanista and editor.

Espero encontrar algo de tiempo pare pintarlos pronto...
Hope to find some time to paint them soon...

Nos vemos!

8 comentarios:

  1. Very good, how many altogether will you need.

  2. Using the hoplites is a stroke of genius - I think they will work very well. Your editor's box will be near identical to my own! How about a couple of legionary sentries at the rear?

    On another note we trialled the new RSBS rules last night. Have you tried them yet? Unfortunately I think my never ending search for a good gladiator ruleset will continue.


  3. I can already tell they will look nice.


  4. Great looking conversions!!!

  5. ooooooh - looks great so far. can't wait for the finished product!

  6. @Angry Lurker: I´ll paint about 30 models...
    @Furt: RSBS it´s not the perfect gladiator game, but it´s the best game I could find. I specially like the solo rules.

  7. Now thats the right place to post a comment :)

    Once again:

    Awesome conversions! I am happy to see more :)

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