19 ene. 2011

Again - Gladiator Arena (WIP)

He tenido que repetir la arena del anfiteatro... Había usado demasiada masilla y al secarse la madera (DM de 3mm) se ha combado (y se me ha roto al intentar arreglarlo). En el "remake" he usado una tabla de 4mm de grosor y he usado muy poca masilla. Esta vez todo ha salido bien y ya puedo ponerme a pintar!

I´ve had to repeat the arena for the amphitheater ... Had used too much putty and the wood (3mm MDF) has warped once dried (and I have broken it while trying to fix it). In the "remake" I´ve used a 4mm table and very little putty. This time everything went well and I can start to paint!

Nos vemos!

3 comentarios:

  1. Its not a bear its just a guy in a suit, its going to get smashed!
    lovely work thus far, I'm feeling inspired to pick up my stalled gladiator project... and great idea on the record sheets, good work.