30 dic. 2010

Another Slight Diversion

No me refiero al blog, sino a un nuevo proyecto que voy a empezar...
I´m not talking about the blog, but a new project I´m going to start...

Tras descubrir este libro (MUY recomendable, por cierto) en una tienda...
After discovering this book (highly recommended, by the way) in a shop...

... y hacerme con el reglamento "Red Sand, Blue Sky" de TwoHourWargames...
... and get the "Red Sand, Blue Sky" rules by TwoHourWargames...

Estoy listo para empezar mis propios combates de gladiadores en cuanto pinte mis figuras de Crusader.
I'm ready to start my own gladiatorial combats as soon as I paint paint my Crusader figures.
En breve espero publicar mis combates, estad atentos!
I hope to publish my combats in short, stay tunned!

8 comentarios:

  1. Crusader Gladiators are really nice; haven't played any rules yet for Gladiators - but intend to. I also need some Retiarii too. Regards, Dean

  2. Jajaja!

    Las tentaciones son muchas y poderosas para los wargameros inconstantes... ¡si lo sabré yo!

  3. http://frikidiario.blogspot.com/2010/12/musica-romana.html


  4. Looking forward to seeing this grow.I own bunch of Foundry ones myself......unpainted that is.
    Happy New Year!


  5. Gracias por el enlace Endakil! Alguna pista sobre dónde conseguilo?

  6. Congratulations and best wishes : http://figoblogotheque.blogspot.com !

  7. Nice to see you will do some gladiator stuff. Have began to do some on my blog including the making of an arena.


  8. Nice work Frank!! I´ll try to do my own too.
    I´ve added your blog to my blog roll.