26 sept 2017

MUNERA (rules of play)

Everything is ready for the games to start, so let me explain how they will take place and how you can participate.

A reproduction of an edicta found at Pompeya that informs about an event that will be held soon in the city. Decimus Lucretius will make  20 pairs of gladiators fight, and his son another 10 pairs. A venatio will be offered and there will be awning.


During these games there will be 16 combats and venationes, splitted into two days, and you can participate staking on the combats. How? This way:

Stakes will be made by day of games, following the next steps:

  1. First I will post on the blog the eight combats of the first day, also the name of the gladiators and any special feature of the combat. In the same post, there will be a link to a registration form for the bets.
  2. You will have a week in order to send your stakes.
  3. Once the deadline has passed, I´ll star publishing the reports of each combat (daily, if I can afford it...)
  4. Once finished the last combat, the player who acumulates mor money as a benefit of his betting will be the winner and will get a prize.
And the same procedure will be repeated for the second day of games.

Unless otherwishe mentioned, all the combats will be resolved using the card game Blood Sweat & Cheers, created by Nic Wright.

The stakes (sponsiones)

Each player will have 100 sesterces to stake on each day of the games. The rules for staking are:

  1. Stake in ALL combats is compulsory.
  2. You must expend the whole 100 sesterces.
  3. The minimum stake for combat is 1 sesterce and the maximum 20 sesterces.
  4. The money acumulated on a combat will be distributed between the winners, proportionately to their stake.
  5. I´ll use one decimal place for my calculations (rounded up).
Please, check your bets before sending. If I detect any of these problems I´ll take the folowing measures:

  1. If the same user send more than one form, only the last one will be considered.
  2. If the total amount of staked sesterces is not 100, I´ll adjust the bets adding or deducting sesterces to the last combat (and then to the second-to-last, and so on).

The prizes!

The player who gets to accumulate more sesterces on the first day of games and the player that do the same on the second day will recibe respectively a print and play copy of  Blood, Sweat & Cheers courtesy of Ganesha Games.

If a tie takes place, the player with more winning bets will be the winner. If the tie persists, the winner will be the one who sends the form first.

Also, all participants on the games will enter a draw form wich they can win a... surprise!  ;)

And that it´s all... for now. Soon I´ll post the combats of the games first day, but if you have any question or you find any mistake, please put it on the comments.

Nos vemos!

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